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"Work in progress"
Hordo / Nov 29, 2020

I told y'all I was gonna be at work scheming new ways to have fun together, and here are two new events that should fit that bill!First, the Retro Raid Intermission! Retro Raid Intermissions are random events I'll be posting on different dates an...

Hordo / Nov 11, 2020

You've all heard of Blue Moons, yes? Well, if not it's the irregular occurrence of two full moons in one calendar month. So, welcome to the concept of Blue Saturdays...the irregular occurrence of a 5th Saturday in a month. It is on these specia...

Mezz/Guild Mom / Aug 08, 2020

Time to put this website to use!!1. Saturday night raids as led by Cammie/Flint or Mezz will be run with your best toons, try not to bring a gimp. We are going to be going on the hardest possible settings. For instance, if we can do a raid (lvls 3...

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