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"Work in progress"
Mezz/Guild Mom / Aug 08, 2020

Time to put this website to use!!1. Saturday night raids as led by Cammie/Flint or Mezz will be run with your best toons, try not to bring a gimp. We are going to be going on the hardest possible settings. For instance, if we can do a raid (lvls 3...

Mezz/Guild Mom / Sep 02, 2016

We now have a guild website that will allow guildies to communicate with each other outside of Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, etc. We have a calendar for scheduling events, forums for posting various things from builds to real life news, a shout...

Mezz/Guild Mom / Jul 05, 2016

April, 2016, our dear friend and guildy Kages lost his battle with brain cancer. Sadly no one knew of his passing until just recently. We will miss him very much. R.I.P Kages.

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