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Raids and Other Events

Mezz/Guild Mom / Aug 08, 2020
Time to put this website to use!!

1. Saturday night raids as led by Cammie/Flint or Mezz will be run with your best toons, try not to bring a gimp. We are going to be going on the hardest possible settings. For instance, if we can do a raid (lvls 30+) on Hard consistently with no problems, we're going to kick it up to Elite until we can get it right. There will be issues particularly with raids that require a certain strength, number of tanks, clerics, etc. We need to work through that.

2. Sunday has been designated guild renown day. That is (I hate to say required but) it will be required by every guild member to take guild renown as the end reward and/or saga reward to push the guild to 200.

3. Tuesday Smelly will be running raids for experience be it for level or destinies. Let's make those secondary toons uber!


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