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Hordo's Blue Saturday Raids and More to Come!

Hordo / Nov 11, 2020
You've all heard of Blue Moons, yes? Well, if not it's the irregular occurrence of two full moons in one calendar month. So, welcome to the concept of Blue Saturdays...the irregular occurrence of a 5th Saturday in a month. It is on these special Saturdays that the usual Saturday Raid Train (see the post in the forums that I'm too lazy to link here), that we will exclusively be trying Reaper Level on the raids for that night.

I will be watching as we run our raids each Saturday and will be noting which ones we can advance upwards to the next level of difficulty. As stated when Flint started his train, we are aiming for Reaper quality play. It is for this reason that I will be meticulous in both the acceptance of toons in the party, but also the raids that will make up the Blue Saturday trains.

Make no mistake, I want us all, as a guild to be able to succeed with all of our desires. If yours isn't to try reaper stuff but just comraderie, keep your eyes peeled as I will be introducing other events, similar to this one but with different goals in mind, in 2021. As guild leader, I am inordinately proud of how well Loreseekers has done while I've been mostly absent for the past two years due to health reasons, and I'm certain Kong feels the same way as he's been absent for business reasons. In fact, all of the officers, guild-members, and friends alike have done an amazing job and I am so grateful to be able to return to such a lively and vibrant guild.

Next week will see us return to the Flint-style Raid Train with me in the drivers seat, and I will be posting the exact raid line-up and any other pertinent information either Sunday or Monday preceeding the Saturday of those raids. I will need anyone who wants to participate, or even maybe wants to participate, to sign up with their most capable toon. After that you can post in the raid thread anything you might want us to know such as bringing an alt to the warm-up raid, or only able to come for one or two then have to bail, looking for a particular item drop, etc. The main point is that if you didn't sign up I'm not even going to be considering you as wanting to come in the first place. Spread the word.

It may seem that I'm taking my own sweet time getting these events prepared, I mean waiting until 2021 for some may seem a long while for soem, but it is only a month and a half away and I have to think through the ideas that I have and then organize them in a coherent fashion. In many ways, those who were here in the mid-teens will remember when I ran 4 different weekly events at a minimum and then added a few here and there on top of it. The basic thing is you'll all get really sick of me really quickly lol.

As always, I want to hear your input, your criticisms, your misgivings, your excitement, your demands, your passing fancies, and look forward to reading those in the comments on this news post.


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I do remember the old weekly events, and particularly fondly - the Sunday Morning raids (have I heard someone say Titan?)

Some comments as you consider the timing for the new events. I sadly won't be making anything that takes place on weekday evenings, because I need to sleep on the weekdays. Anything that could possibly take place on US mornings or afternoons will be much appreciated, as this'll mean I can participate without pulling an all-nighter :)

For Saturday raids, please always consider me as "could drop off early", because wee hours of the morning can get tough, sometimes.

7-hour time difference is a biatch, yeah.
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