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Introducing TWO New Guild Events

Hordo / Nov 29, 2020
I told y'all I was gonna be at work scheming new ways to have fun together, and here are two new events that should fit that bill!

First, the Retro Raid Intermission! Retro Raid Intermissions are random events I'll be posting on different dates and times to give us a bit of nostalgia and get some favor for our toons. XP will be non-existent. Sorry, but I'll do a different event for heroic raids at level, but these are for any flagged character level 30 and down. Start keeping your eyes peeled for these to pop up every now and again. I will always post at least the week before the event to give folks time to sign-up and prepare.

Second, the Sunday Morning Stroll! Welcome to my morning coffee and croissants event, the Sunday Morning Stroll. This event is going to be a laid-back, happy, and fun time where I'll post a rotation of a few events that will get us off to a great start before some may leave for Football or other RL events. Let's grab a cuppa and quest together! I'll edit that week's event to detail what we will be doing ahead of time so, keep in mind to occasionally check back on the website to see what craziness I've come up with.

There's more to come, so keep checking out the News and the Events calendar. As always, I'd love to hear feedback, so please comment below!


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These are awesome concepts. I love them.
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