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(Mar 18, 2022)
(Mar 18, 2022)
(Dec 19, 2021)
(Feb 13, 2021)
only things that can be updated are the resists... and they can't be bought anymore... i got some left.
(Feb 06, 2021)
I could donate some shards to someone so we can get the guild ship amenities back. Let me know ingame
(Jan 29, 2021)
Welcome back Hordo. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.
(Jan 28, 2021)
I'm feeling better. Just updated my DDO Launcher, and I'll be in game tomorrow and through the weekend!
(Jan 23, 2021)
lag has been so bad I did a full reinstall of game.
(Dec 25, 2020)
Happy Holidays Seekers
(Dec 20, 2020)
Any more talk about a discord? Pretty much all the functionality of here, plus the build in chat, minus me having to change my password everytime i log in, lol
(Nov 19, 2020)
Yea I had an error, too, but launched on a second try. This patch was a disaster, hope today's re-patch fixes stuff.
(Nov 18, 2020)
I had to uninstall and reinstall DDO because it refused to launch. Virus protections didn't flag it... just wouldn't launch.
(Nov 17, 2020)
DDO Flagged by Trend as Spyware... LOL
(Nov 17, 2020)
So cool Q! "Audamar kneels before Lolth in our 489th DDO Screenshot of the Week! Thanks, Audamar, for sending in this week's screenshot"
(Nov 17, 2020)
Check out the new weekly screenshot, might see a familiar face ;)
(Nov 14, 2020)
Make it two
(Nov 14, 2020)
One account of gimps added to roster....
(Nov 13, 2020)
OUCH! Get better soon Mezz!
(Nov 13, 2020)
Mezz again is more off than on. My knee went out last week and it's really hard for me to get up and down the stairs. Happy Days (sarcasm).
(Nov 12, 2020)