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(Aug 05, 2020)
Wait we have a website????
(Feb 18, 2017) thats my fb page should be able to find me pic of me and wife in a shampane glass
(Dec 02, 2016)
BWA HA HA HA!!!!!! I'm Back!!!
(Nov 15, 2016)
Saw this new button on my guild panel today. It says, 'Usurp'. What's it do? Muahahahahahahahahaha
(Oct 25, 2016)
(Oct 24, 2016)
Greetings Seekers! Miss you guys! Hope all is well!
(Oct 21, 2016)
well since ddo had 3 downloads this month i exceeded my down limit so wont be on until nov 1
(Sep 25, 2016)
does anyone have a +1 dex and con tome i need them for GoroXX i have the upgrades just not the +1's
(Sep 22, 2016)
I'm going to attempt to log on Friday night...wish me luck!
(Sep 20, 2016)
So, my Graphics Card hates me. I'll try to log on this week if it lets me, else you can harass me on Facebook! :)
(Sep 06, 2016)
Texas, I'll look into that when I log on later today.
(Sep 05, 2016)
hey we need the treasure chests below decks i have a amenty that will raise them to 60 and people can put things in them they dont want that maybe someone else can use
(Jul 24, 2016)
(Jul 15, 2016)
We can only work with what is given us at this time.
(Jul 14, 2016)
Character roster doesn't have a multiclass option...
(Jul 08, 2016)
Mezz, I put a few images in an admin folder...maybe you could fix the white background to be transparent?
(Jul 07, 2016)
Mezz and I are on this! :)
(Jul 07, 2016)
(Jul 05, 2016)
Hey, Loreseekers!